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Um, I'm not speaking in favor of Insomniac now or in the past. I am neutral/indifferent toward them at best.

There are several other developers that could be claimed to be dropping the ball and therefore be written off, but we don't hear about them or talk about them do we?

I think the reason is fairly obvious and essentially falls under the category persona issues.

Are you still pushing this perceived 'conspiracy'? It's really not like that at all.

We hear about devs dropping all the time, yet ironically you don't apply your own 'logic' to it; Criterion with Burnout, Madden pretty much every year since they lost competition (or bought out), Infinity Ward (even well before the issues with Zampella/Ward), etvc etc.

I don't really think it should be an issue worth of any forum's discussion (unless you're talking about the typical childish behavior found in popular IGN, Gamespot etc comments sections).

It's really a reach when people start pointing fingers.