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    Only a month to go and all this bickering can come to rest
    Careful on launch day my brothers, there will be blood spilled.

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    Well in consideration of the Kinect, I would agree that the Xbox One does win in terms of best Tech of this generation. It is a pretty impressive piece of hardware.

    The comment of both consoles being equally matched in horsepower.....ehhhhhhhhh....I'm still being lead to believe that, that is just not the case. Say what you will but I've seen a lot more talk of games running better on one system over the other.

    Then they throw in the old overused "high-end servers that will make gaming faster in the future". I just can't roll my eyes any harder than I am now. This has been beaten to death already and is honestly the same crap Sony pulled with "teh power of the cell!"

    Finally, runner up - Ouya? Now I've definitely heard it all.

    Now don't get me wrong. I agree the Xbox One is more impressive from a Tech perspective due to the included Kinect sensor and its TV functionality. It will no doubt be a great console, but this all seems like a desperate try to find some positive reviews or opinions to post up on the forums that are not coming directly from Xbox fanboys or from Microsofts PR team. Like, Who the hell is and why should I care what they think?
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    Quote Originally Posted by The Sith View Post
    Don't you guys just love this section since theres absolute nothing happening in the ps4 section....Lmao
    Everyone on the internet knows what a quality and reliable source is. It's by far the most well known and reliable source on the internet, and not some fanboy reaching into the depths of the internet to desperately find some news to back his predisposed console bias. Not at all. That would besmirch the name of the great

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    The only desperation I see in this thread is the desperation in those to downplay all things Xbox One.

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