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    Welcome to Marjaana, PSU's new Youtube hostess!

    Unbeknownst to most of the community here who come to discuss all things gaming, a lot of things have been going on over on the content side of the site. These chaages have been happening over the past few months and have included the establishment of a solid front page team of writers, editors, managers, tech assistance and graphic design. We have members who work quietly behind the scenes taking care of infrastructural things too, uploading wallpapers and entering trophy data for example.

    With PS4 poised to hit soon after an almost flawless reveal and build up, this team is ready to give their all to raise up PSU to another level. Part of this drive is the move into more video content. As many of you know, Agriel has been a part of the PSU community and mod team for a long time and recently took the position of Youtube manager for PSU. Aside from keeping the channel up to date with the latest trailers and dev diaries, he is also creating his very own videogame video series called SE500 (server error 500 anyone? :P).

    You can see the first episode here. Agriel (aka Justin) has explained that the show is a work in progress and will improve over time tech wise with equipment and content wise as the team refines its video content creating prowess. SE500 can be a unique expression of PSU culture while exploring and showcasing our beloved hobby so please, please, pleaseee get behind it, subscribe, like, share, comment. Agriel and the content team would love any feedback or ideas from you guys as to how to improve the show and where to take it in the future so help us out!

    Well I've babbled on enough, Marjaana has written an introduction to the community so please read and give her a warm welcome into our community.

    Hello! My name is Marjaana Roininen. Iím 21 years old and I live in a city called Rauma. That is also the city where Iím currently studying business. Iím a very outgoing person and I try to have fun as much as possible. Sometimes Iím a bit hyper-active but I think that is part of my charm. I live in a country called Finland. You know, the place where polar bears rome around and we eat salty candies that taste like $#@!.

    On my free time I like hanging around with my friends, meaning we go out and drink and play games and stuff. I donít exactly have a hobby, I work out quite often, 2-3times a week so maybe it is my ĒhobbyĒ. Whereas playing games is my lifestyle. I play games on my PlayStation 3. And sometimes with Xbox 360, so sue me. The games I'm currently playing are Diablo 3, Fallout 3, Skyrim and Resident Evil 6. I always play a bunch of gamesat the same time, because it gives you a choice what to play. I know that some people like to play just one game at a time but I don't see myself in that group. I do other things as well, believe it or not. I enjoy watching movies and occasionally I read a book or two. And I can cook. Just information that is very vital for everybody to know.

    Sometimes I go to work at my boyfriendís company, he owns a small shop that sells videogames, movies, music and game related stuff. It is kind of a dream place for me to work, since I love so much playing games. And when I say work, I mean I go there and bring him food or something. Sometimes I do sell games to people when he is out somewhere playing Magic the Gathering. I don't play it, well I have played it on PS3, but that doesn't count.

    So, there is a little information about me, hope you find me somewhat interesting. That's enough jabber about me, I woke up an hour ago and still haven't touched a single controller and I'm eager to play something. Diabo, yes, let's play Diablo. I'm also hungry. All we have here is a pineapple. Not really hungry for pineapples at this moment. Should I rather go to the store or starve and play some Diablo...? Maybe just ONE hour of Diablo...
    So there you have it! A warm welcome to the community Marjaana, I hope you enjoy your time mingling around the various nutters we have here.
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