I understand where you're coming from, but this is really only good for people who constantly shop at gamestop. Those powerup rewards take more than a couple purchases to get to 10,000 depending what you purchase. At the same time they don't have to offer this, so for those who shop here constantly anyways it's nice but personally I just can't stand gamestop. Two examples:

-They don't give you more money on limited edition trade in's but they sell them as limited edition when they sell it after buying it from you.
-I was going to get Tales of Abyss for the 3DS and they had 1 new copy left and he hands me a open copy, he says it's new because no one played it but I told him what is the difference between this and a used one? Because apparently if I open one and say it's still new I'd be lying but if they do it's perfectly fine and they're allowed to sell it as new price. And he says "you're gonna be one of those people?" ridiculous.