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    Quote Originally Posted by Jmobley View Post
    Not really, there were only a few choices in the whole game and they didn't really impact the overall plot. Sure I get to choose who to go with, I get t choose if I live or die but it's all at the end. It would be different if something I did in one chapter negatively or positively affected something in another chapter but from what I see that isn't the case.
    No, the ends are definitely the ends and predefined. I'm talking about the particular events and scenes that lead to the end. Substantially mutable based upon how you play. I don't care you don't like the game. I don't like GTA games yet critically and popularly it seems most gamers love them but I don't expect to be discounted because I don't really like GTA games. So I don't discount that you don't like the game. I'm only saying that a lack of interactivity relevant to how the game ends is sort of a house of cards excuse for not liking the game. Beyond isn't an RPG, it's a linear narrative game. No matter how you play Uncharted 2 it always comes out the same in the end and I don't hear people saying they don't like Uncharted 2 for that reason. Perhaps for all sorts of other reasons, but not because no matter what you do it all comes out the same every time.

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    This is a fantastic gaming experience. Just because it's not someone else's type of game doesn't mean it's a bad game. I cannot comprehend the gamer who thinks "Beyond: Two Souls" is genuinely a bad game (as opposed to a game that they just didn't enjoy). I don't enjoy the Call of Duty games, but I don't think they're bad games, just not my type.

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    I'm bringing back this thread from a couple of months ago because I just played through the game. I finished playing Beyond: Two Souls last night. To put it simply, this game is fantastic. It has it's problems, the main one being that controls during the action sequences are difficult to always figure out what to do. I would have been more than happy if the entire game was narrative and there was zero fighting.

    This game is an interactive movie. It's an adventure game. For those people that don't like adventure games or don't want an interactive movie, don't buy it. I'm not going to buy Call of Duty then complain there's too much fighting and people that buy an interactive movie/adventure game shouldn't complain that there's too much story or dialogue.

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