Lol, before I even say anything, graphics look absolutely stunning in the pictures, as in next-gen Gears of War good. I'd highly recommend everyone reading the Game Informer issue. Lots of beautiful screenshots and much more in depth info.
In concept since 2005
Trailer graphics are what you can expect it to look like in-game
Everything in the world is rendered with soft body physics
Metal beams react for example to magnetic forces, bending and shifting in real time
Incredible attention to detail: Lens flare catches light as you rotate the camera, oil lamps flash independently in an underground scene, light bouncing off every object provides uncanny realism, insane attention to material detail like wood, leather and cloth.
Clouds and particles of dust float around lamp flames, subtely settling down on the camera lense
Ready at Dawn spent a lot of time making the weapons unique, giving each personality. Grounded in understandable science but also have behaviors that you wouldn't expect
Examples of guns: Arc Gun like you saw in the trailer, Combo Gun has two different settings, you can blow enemies back with a non-lethal charge to make space as well as using standard rifle fire, Thermite Rifle can shoot a chemical onto enemies, using secondary fire to shoot flares to light them on fire, frag grenades can be used typically or hoisted onto the environment via spikes
Around 7th or 8th century, humanity splinters, with many getting 'beastial traits', becoming 'half breeds'
Thus begins the conflict
Humanity basically forms a version of the Knights of the Round Table, in this case, The Order to fight off this enemy
Through a strange turn of events, they discover a substance called "black water", giving them unusually long lives and unique ability to recover from injury
The Knights continue to age, but at a much, much slower rate which they use to battle for centuries
It's basically a curse given they continuously see everything around them leave and die off, it's both a salvation and a curse for them
This leads up to the 19th century and the changes facilitate the unique futuristic Industrial Age you see before you
You play as Grayson, known as "Sir Galahad" (guy with the porn stache)
A new threat emerges as parts of society (humans) begin to rebel against the rulership and are disgruntled with the inequality between layers of society
Battle scenes are chaotic and exciting, with use of cover, somewhat similar to of Gears of War
Ready at Dawn took a unique twist to QTEs, sometimes melee attacks occur during gameplay, time slows down and you can rotate your camera and find different things in the environment to give you an edge. These can range from dodging a punch or grabbing an improvised weapon for example
Focused on a very strong story driven single player now, not willing to talk about any multiplayer
Need some direct feed gameplay really badly