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    You got trolled PSU

    That Home Depot article about ps4

    Oh God!!! This just made my day! Thank you

    [–]twoww [score hidden] 2 hours ago
    Haha, no problem, I just googled PS4 demo stations and it popped up. There's a couple of other random sites that seemed to mention it too. Funny stuff. I imagine you made at least one person either go to or call home depot about this.

    [–]Ldominguez1986 [score hidden] 2 hours ago
    Hahaha, thanks!

    [–]MrShadowHeroMrShadowHero [score hidden] 2 hours ago*
    i'm on my knees bowing at you my good sir. you just trolled the interwebz to a whole new level

    [–]Ldominguez1986 [score hidden] 1 hour ago
    Why thank you good sir! I can't take all the credit. It was a collective of your picture and the original comment who stated it was Home Depot in the first place. We all should be proud!

    I seriously can not believe you guys fell for this. home Depot? I mean really who in their right mind would even think that. Just because all other websites post it does not mean you should, if anything makes you look bad. Man I recall days when news was posted people at least checked to make sure it was legit.

    Here is the pic from some random guys twitter
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