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    Need Major Help!!

    Hello, I am here to plea for assistance.

    My workhorse for the last 4 years today decided it wanted to croak (or pretty close). My laptop has been having this issue where it will freeze, a complete lock-up where the only way to proceed is to do a hard reset via holding the power button. While it has been happening for about ~3 years the issue has become crippling (so much so I had to drop my final project this past semester School computer don't have Trapcode suite)

    It'll freeze pretty much any and everywhere, from normal use, browsing the web. I could be going strong for weeks or months doing anything from gaming to editing in premier to experimenting in After Effects and suddenly it locks up! most famously it will freeze at the log-in, just past the log-in screen, going into safe mode, and as of today at the 'Starting Windows' logo. Also as of today a new synptom! it'll get to the log-in screen hang a few minutes and blu screen, followed by automatic restart which ultimately ends at a screen saying "Operiating system not found" (WTF) I can then go into safe mode afterward but restart and here we go again (literally have to boot and hard reset 10-20 50 times before it fially loads stably. at that point I cring if I have to restart for anything, INCLUDING it freezing during use. Literally came home today and found the thing frozen in the screen saver, ala the start of todays episode)

    I come here because naturally the web's answers are usually useless. The closest thing I can find to a probable cause were a few places where a buch of people with similar issue have pinpointed the problem being an issue with the gpu driver (those have been istalled and re-installed to no avail)

    Windows 8 rc was the last place I didn't have the issue, along with Mint and Ubuntu, but I'll jump off a cliff befor I use 8, and I need the Adobe suit among other things that simply work in Windows. (Also a new OS is out of the budget, let alone a new computer, especially the upgrade I need for my work)

    Sony Vaio VGN-FW490J
    Windows 7 Professional 64 bit
    Intel Penryn T9600 2.80GHz Processor
    4 gigs ram
    750GbB 7200rpm HDD
    ATi Radeon 4650
    (the only driver I wont update at this point is the realtek driver since the latest few mess-up my sound system other wise everything is up to date)

    PS: While I'm sure restoring the system via image willallow me to get back to imediate work (as it has in the past), I'd like to find the root to this problem if possible, and know there are a few tech tech savy souls among us.
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