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(straxxe , forgot to change email address here before deleting gmail account DOH ! )

Purple mark sounds good ...Have alot of people claim you're map as their's ? ...Cause reddit brought me here and found a comment to this forum ...Do not think person who posted it there claim it but did not see any " i found the map here etc etc "

Anyways .. i spend some time flying around and not found anything ..Thought i found one but it was old one LOL...But had to stop when i say the clock was at 5 am ..

Guess they will add more when more dlc come's out maybe ..

Take it you're metal gear fan ? ( base that off the photo , just cause of the eye patch LOL )

random blah here . bored'em .z

I keep random comment's limited so does not go off topic .sorry
Yea, I'm not too concerned about people posting the map. I had thought about putting a watermark or something on it but figured it wasn't worth it, I did the map more out of OCD than anything. I may add something at the top about visiting PSU Forums for the updated map, as I noticed quite a few were the older ones. So at least from now on once it gets posted there will be info for people who don't have the full amount of locations.

And I am a Metal Gear fan, but the picture is from an episode of Flight of the Conchords.

As for adding more, it wouldn't surprise me if they just add more here and there. Maybe a handful each update or something.