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    UK | ATTENTION Watch Dogs Bundlers

    [Edit] From the Amazon UK site itself:

    PlayStation 4 Consoles: Changing Your Bundle Selection

    The Watch Dogs Bundle (Option 2) is no longer available as a result of a decision by Ubisoft to delay release until Spring 2014. We will contact customers affected by this decision but please bear this in mind if you are making choices for the first time. Please note--submissions to this survey will only be processed if you have already made a selection for a Sony PlayStation 4 (PS4) bundle and if you have an existing order for the Sony PlayStation 4 (PS4) console with Amazon, which you do not cancel.

    So, don't cancel anything. Wait until you've got an email from them to sort everything out!

    So those that have pre-ordered the Watch Dogs bundle through Amazon UK should be fine!

    Myself included
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