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    Tracking on cars

    When I 1st went online the game offers you to put insurance and a tracking on a car. I did that but didnt like the car so i put a tracking on a car i liked but the other car was lost. My question is when you buy multiple cars can you insure them all and put tracking on them? I thought when you buy a garage to store cars it unlocks the ability to track more cars.

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    The amount of cars you can have tracked/insured depends on your garage space. If you didn't have a garage when you put tracking on a second car, your first one would disappear (I did this as well). At one point I had a 6 car garage and my tracked vehicle disappeared when I added a tracker and insurance to a new one. Exiting to singleplayer then back to Online fixed it though.

    I don't know what would happen though if you were at max capacity on your garage and put a tracker on another car. I know one would disappear, but I don't know if it would delete the oldest one or what (or if it would warn you beforehand).

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