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    Quote Originally Posted by TheBreezyBB View Post

    780Ti is $699

    Boy, i'm glad i waited on building a new PC

    My best friend just finished his build one month ago and he's now feeling it, cause he bought 2 780 just weeks before the $150 price drop!
    Rich mofos!

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    AMD is kicking ass lately. If I'd have to buy a high-end videocard right now, I wouldn't doubt it and go for AMD. The 7990 is US$650 and it's the absolute best bang for the buck right now. Frame Pacing Problems are almost solved for new games (Works fantastic on BF4, Tomb Raider and Batman Arkham Origins). Also the new R9 290x is kickin Titan's arse in a number of games (Even in "Nvidia" Games like Batman), for a lot less money.

    This is before the release of Mantle, which hopefully will be adopted by more developers and offer AMD users an even better experience.
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