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Yeah earthquakes and tornadoes etc seem like a good idea. Tbh, it really does seem like the game was over hyped...its a great game, but it does get boring after a while...
I was really hoping for tornadoes in this game, a secret of sorts. Its my favorite extreme weather and have always loved them since I can remember. Having one in a open world game like this would be a dream come true, but I have the game Fuel and will experience it soon enough in a racing one .

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i don't see why they wouldn't. it's probably not easy to do with the resources available. expect all weathers next-gen.
A tornado going through a populated area with debris likely is just out of reach of this current generation. There would have to be a ton of physics CPU cycles required to make everything run smoothly with a open-world like GTA V present. A cheap one is more possible but wouldn't match up to the realism of other weather in the game so it wouldn't be great.

In terms of variance, I was expecting more from the weather but it is realistic for LA. Having snow and hail storms is almost unheard of in southern CA so I get why that may not be there but because I'm a weather guy, I desire it anyways.