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    Quote Originally Posted by vinny_pizza79 View Post
    My DS4 showed up today and I have to say I love the feel. I've got pretty big hands and this new controller feels great. Now I just need the system!

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    Same here!

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    Just a little thing I noticed, they removed the inset cross shape that was around the buttons and the D-pad, which is great because they always got dirty over time. Looking forward to trying the new sticks, don't usually have issues with my fingers slipping off on the DS3 but finally experienced it in a game this week, so the new tops are welcome. 16 more days, it's very weird waiting knowing I should have a launch unit for the first time since I joined playstation gaming, I wouldn't be so anxious if I knew I might have to wait months after launch and only if I got lucky like with the last 2 generations.

    I'm getting a bit out of hand preparing, though seeing as I had to buy a brand new HDTV the day after I got my PS3 it still won't cost as much as last gen. But I expect by the time I get my PS4 I should have a set of controllers, an HDMI switch so I can have both my PS3 and PS4 hooked up at the same time, I should have the camera, a new 1TB hard drive, a PS4 compliant headset, three or four games on disc, a charging station for the controllers, a micro USB cable as back up, heck I'm even considering a stand. I'm also kind of annoyed there doesn't seem to be a remote for blu-ray watching since the DS isn't really ideal.

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    Are they selling early everywhere or just America? Has New Zealand got shafted again?

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