Heyllo people i just wanted to announce that my clan the NorthernRaiders are recruiting for Call of Duty ghosts ps4 version. The clan is fairly new and i am looking for members to join in time for clan registration on November 5th! The clan look on a gamertag will look something like this [RaiD]. I plan to do alot with the clan in the new near future like setting up a twitter and facebook account, and making a website ( the website is already made but i am trying to customize it to give it a more awesome look). If you are interested in joining here are the requirements. There is no age requirement unlike other clans but you do have to be a mature gamer which i already know that most of you are. Second you need to be active which means you need to be on atleast once everyday and participate in various clan ops and clan wars. Please have a K/D of 1.50 or above and please be a decent sniper. Anyway if you interested and you meet the requirements message me back or group message me on your playstation system my psn is NovaPalace.