So the guy on this video says he has reliable sources....but does not tell who they are...and says that he was told by them that:

1. COD will be 720p on both X1 and PS4 due to the fact that the network will be in the crapper for both systems....but will run native 1080p on the WiiU

2. The reason the X1 network is in shammbles is b/c they had to rework it and basically build it from the ground up again after they decided to change the DRM feature

3. The PS4's network will be in the same boat b/c they apparently were going to have a DRM feature like MS but after they saw the outcry from gamers when MS released the info about theirs....they kept it under wraps and acted like they were the hero. And now...they are basicaly building it from the ground up b/c of the same thing.

Also...the feature that the Day 1 patch will disable is the DRM feature

The specifics might not be exact but basically thats what the guy said. Frankly....I don't care. I'm getting a PS4 b/c Sony STILL seems to be the one that tries to create original games and has more of a variety of them when compared to MS/Xbox.

Sorry if this is old or if this has been disproven or anything like that.....just figured it was decent news and some of you would want to hear about it.