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    IGN informs gamers of 720p vs 1080p dilemma *gives credit to NeoGAF*

    the $#@!storm is growing

    loving dem comments section. pure gold!

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    IGN informs gamers of 720p vs 1080p dilemma *gives credit to NeoGAF*

    This is the same thing in a new thread. Unnecessary and closed.

    If you want to post this, do it in the existing thread. And please stop saying "the $#@!storm is" whatever. Once is quite enough, thanks.
    "The biggest adversary in our life is ourselves. We are what we are, in a sense, because of the dominating thoughts we allow to gather in our head. All concepts of self-improvement, all actions and paths we take, relate solely to our abstract image of ourselves. Life is limited only by how we really see ourselves and feel about our being. A great deal of pure self-knowledge and inner understanding allows us to lay an all-important foundation for the structure of our life from which we can perceive and take the right avenues.

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