Every FPS campaign is exactly the same IMO and have the same basic plot and progression.
I think the formula needs to be changed and devs need to start thinking outside the box and make some bad ass single player campaigns or just leave singleplayer out all together and just have multiplayer.
I think since BF4 is so realistic and could almost be considered a war simulator by some that making the campaign a personal story of one solders struggle in the service.
Have the game start out with you fighting with your family or girlfriend about wanting to join the military or whatnot. Doesn't have be exactly like that, just an idea off the top of my head. But then the story quickly picks up with you signing up and shipping out to join the military.
Then a bad ass story of you getting used to military life and after awhile when you finally get used to the way things are the $#@! hits the fan and your off to war! I dunno this could be a horrible idea, but you get the idea. I would love to see a gritty realistic story through the eyes of one solder life and experience his journey in the service. Doesn't have to have any of the story ideas that I said, but just something different, thrown in some RPG elements or something.
All I know is I would and about 99% of gamers would rather the devs put all they're resources on Multiplayer and just leave out the Singleplayer all together instead of all these weak ass Singleplayer campaigns that every FPS seems to have.
Anyways. What do you guys think? What direction you you like to see FPS campaigns go in the future?