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    I definitely think advertising and knowledge about what the heck the product is was a huge problem in the beginning and remains a problem to a lesser extent today. There have been so many things wrong with it that it's really hard to nail down one particular issue that's caused this.

    As I mention in the previous post, I think cost has a lot to do with it. When it launched it was 300/350. That's just too much for most people to pay for a Nintendo console since it's a 2nd console for them. $250 seems to be the sweet spot and has help immensely during the holidays to the point that some of the stores near me sold out of Wii U's. That said, they only had a handful in stock so it's not saying a lot to say they sold out.

    There's the issue with the controller, many people think it's a competitor with the iPad and they've already got an iPad (or Android tablet).

    The first year they had almost no games, especially the ones that would draw people in. They have no 3rd party support going forward.

    Lastly, they've had such bad press over the last year that everyone has been expecting steep discount and possible discontinuation of the platform which depresses demand as people would rather take a wait and see approach. In other words, their very failure during the last year has contributed to further failure.
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