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What I don't get is why they're in the "Wii U Sales and Numbers Thread" if they don't care about Wii U sales and numbers. Their only purpose is to come here and troll. More realistically, they do care and for some reason Nintendo's $#@!ty sales numbers are hurting their emotional state.
Calls me troll, and then a nintendo defender lol, clearly you're a sony fanboy troll. "I hope they go out of business so Sony can get it's IP" proves it. Sony is doing terrible and might go out of business for electronics but you don't make a thread about that? Kinda interesting too since that's a lot more of a big deal you being a Sony fanboy. The thread is open for any discussion about sales, and my opinion was they shouldn't matter. If you're one console person then you've already decided your console from the beginning. Unless you are 10years old and have never owned a gaming system before, you already know what to expect. Sales numbers are for mostly trolls and fanboys to gloat over. There are some people who just like talking about sales numbers but there are none in this thread.