With the PS4 nearing release there's one other thing that has seemed to slip past the net recently and that's the Vita TV. I've been keeping an eye on things and after seeing this lengthy advert I'm wanting this even more now! If you know what the Vita TV is about then you'll instantly get the idea behind the advert but if not then a quick run-down from start to finish of the advert:

  1. You can use it for games, videos, and the internet
  2. You can use it via Wi-Fi or ethernet
  3. You can play selected Vita games on it
  4. There are more than 1300 PSP, Vita, and PS1 titles that will work on it
  5. You can purchase and download the games straight to the Vita TV from a laptop or tablet (and I'd imagine other devices too)
  6. You can play a game on your Vita, then when you arrive home you can put the memory card and game into the Vita TV to continue play
  7. You can upload and download your saved game data to PS+
  8. You can sync up to 3 other Vita's to your Vita TV so that you can play multiplayer games in Ad-Hoc mode, you'll use the Vita TV and they'll use the Vita
  9. There's loads of Japanese orientated video services that you can use (Nico Nico I particularly like )
  10. You can use the PS Store directly and download movies or games straight to the memory card
  11. You can use Sony Music Unlimited and the Reader app for your books, radio, karaoke (omoshiroi da ne!), twitter, browser and your mail
  12. Sync your PS4 through the Vita TV so you can play it on another TV in the house without affected the main TV
  13. The Vita TV will cost 9954円 inc VAT (En/Yen) or 14994円 inc VAT with a PS3 controller and an 8GB Vita Memory Card
  14. She's unbelievably cute and lovely and totally huggable