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    Anyone think GTA IV had a better story than GTA V?

    Just my opinion, but Niko Bellic's story is more compelling, Dimitri Rascalov is a more memorable antagonist than Devin Weston, as well as supporting characters like Brucie, Packie or Dwayne compared to Jimmy, Lamar or Lester. GTA V has more to do and overall controls better which makes it more fun to play but if we're talking about the story, I feel that Rockstar did better with GTA IV.
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    I just didnt feel the game like I did with GTAIV.

    I honestly havent touched it in a week and have no intentions to. I enjoyed some of the characters like Trevor but still like Nikko better and the story of IV.

    It might be my excitement for the next gen also that overshadowed the game plus the first half of this semester of college has been brutal.

    Ill give it another go eventually.

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    I'll let you know.
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    Nah, I like GTA V's story more. Of course, GTA IV had a decent story, but GTA V had the element of Trevor, which made Michael's and Franklin's life much more interesting. And if GTA V seems like it could do better on story, it's because there could have been a lot more story missions. I heard that people complained about so many missions in GTA IV. I want to slap those people. It wasn't the story that was boring for GTA IV. It's after you finish it, when it becomes boring. The activities are boring and it's all city. Hardly any interactivity to it other than TV and Internet. GTA V is back to the GTA I like, where I make millions, not 600k. I think Nico Bellic was a great character, but Trevor is much better because he's so $#@!ed up and you wanna know why he is the way he is and there was some amazing moments with him in GTA V. Great voice acting.

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    Both stories were good, but to be honest, none were that interesting. It feels like rockstar tries making the story so complicated that it becoes boring after a while. I could come up with a better story if i worked in rocstar, and had a dozen or more people help me come up with it.

    Im not saying the stories were bad, but i always expect better from rockstar

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    I honestly couldn't stand half the characters in IV, especially Niko, and the premise of the story was dumb. Niko comes to America to leave it all behind and live the American dream, but instead he just kills people and hunts after people from his "old life".

    V's story wasn't that much better, but it at least made sense. Plus the characters weren't kindling for a giant raging fire of annoyance.

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    I never really felt all that interested in IV storyline. Kinda just, "Do this, and do that" kinda thing.
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    Quote Originally Posted by -Kwesnoth- View Post
    I never really felt all that interested in IV storyline. Kinda just, "Do this, and do that" kinda thing.
    exactly my thoughts, V at least have trevor.
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    GTA V story all the way, the rags to riches has been down to death

    Were is GTAV is betrayal and riches
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