Dead Rising 3: 720p/30fps

Josh Bridge, executive producer, Capcom Vancouver

Dead Rising 3 has suffered high-profile performance issues since E3. How have you improved the game in the months since?

Josh Bridge: Well, first I'm really proud to say we were running on hardware at E3. We had the kits there and we were running it behind closed doors for press. I was really proud, and I had no shame in saying this is where we're at - this is preview code. Ever since then, and it was happening during that time, content needs to be completed, and then optimisation is the focus. And that's what happened - you've seen it through E3, through Gamescom, through now - the frame-rate's been going up and up. And now we're at locked 30 - and that's just been purely the effort of all aspects of the team, the engineering team and our team all trying to optimise. And that's always what happens as the last step of the development of a product.