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    The white diamond turned out perfect(front). The gold flake(back), ehhh. Well, I'll have to let it dry a little bit more to see if I like it enough.

    edit:Painted the buttons but I had to remove some of the coatings to get them to fit back in so that they would function properly. i'll eventually touch up the d-pad and r1,r2, l1,l2.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Hartley001 View Post
    Here the finished piece.. I did ok for my first time ever but i also know where i did to be better..

    Firstly i need to have patience when applying the coat also the time i leave the coats to settle. But i did the gloss this morning and didnt leave it long enough, so now i have a few finger prints on it..

    How can I get rid of my fingerprints? I'm considering going over the cover once more with my paint, then the gloss. Should I just leave the cover alone afterwords I don't have any fingerprints on it? Will leaving the control alone for a few hours reinsure I don't have any fingerprints on it?


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