Now that I think about it I don't give a stuff about Multimedia Support on PS4, now that I put all the media coverage together, Sony isn't the bad guy here, it's their product and they are allowed to promote their own services on that product, that would be like Apple being sued because the iPod doesn't support FLAC... When a company releases a product they have the right to market and govern features how they see fit..that's all there is to it.

I think most of us here are just a bunch of whingey, winey spoilt assholes!, when you want the BEST PLACE TO PLAY... You need a dedicated device... A dedicated gaming machine and that's Playstation 4.

Nothing beats a dedicated device designed to do only one thing and do it the best.

Does anyone really give that much of a $#@! about lack of multimedia support, at first it was a downer but using my adult brain I thought.. It's no big deal... I'm buying it for the games after all... And I've got 3 blu-ray players in the living room already it's not like I need another device that plays movies, music and video files heck my TV plays everything too.

What's the next thing we're going to pick at sony for?? Seriously what else do we need? I think I need to be able to use my Hori RAP 3 PS3 USB arcade sticks on PS4, Injustice GAUUE just won't be the same on DS4... It needs sticks.

Conclusion: Music Unlimited doesn't interest me one bit, and CDs pffft I listen to Vinyl at home!