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    Quote Originally Posted by hoverbike View Post
    I think YouTube should clean-up themselves (IE $#@! off forever) before mucking any further with the site. Every damn update or change they do appears to make it worse. I wonder who these folks are who are trying they're best to piss off millions...I'd like to see. 90% of any issues with YouTube would be fixed by restoring it back pre-March 2010.
    Their mobile app is atrocious. It's like they listen to no one.

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    Quote Originally Posted by PBM View Post
    Their mobile app is atrocious. It's like they listen to no one.
    They don't listen to anyone, and its depressing. I made a post in another subforum about the YouTube app for the PS3 that no one seems to talk about; I assume YouTube created it solely. It functions but the options and features are completely moronic. No volume or res buttons, the main reason for an app in the first place was to have all this...

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    ITs annoying they keep changing, just get used to it then BAM they change it.

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