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    62% of Japanese gamers want Dragon Quest on PS4.

    The popular Japanese IT magazine Weekly ASCII asked its readers on what platform they’d like to play the next Dragon Quest game, and the result were only partly predictable.

    Here’s a breakdown:

    PS4: 62%
    Wii U: 8%
    iPhone: 8%
    PC: 5%
    Tablets 3%
    Android Smartphones: 3%
    Xbox One: 1%
    SH-01F Dragon Quest: 1%
    Other: 9%

    Note: the SH-01F Dragon Quest is the special Dragon Quest themed smartphone to be released this December by docomo.

    The PS4 got the lion’s share of the votes, with the Wii U following for home consoles with a meager 8%. 5% is actually surprisingly high for PC, and confirms the trend that PC Gaming is slowly taking a foothold in Japan, even thanks to Final Fantasy XIV and Dragon Quest X.

    Also interesting is that all mobile platforms combined just reach a 20%. Considering how popular mobile gaming seems to be in Japan, I expected a much higher result there. The sizable 9% for “other” should not surprise, since the poll did not seem to have a specific option for 3DS, PS3 and PS Vita.

    1% for the Xbox One…well… No one’s surprised there. It’s Japan, after all.
    I hope that Dragon Quest comes back to the console. The last Dragon Quest game I played was on Playstation 2. I think we will get a JRPG boom on Playstation 4.
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