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    Reviewing the forum layout - community feedback

    So, this came up in the thread about merging sections. I just want to have a bit of a community brainstorming session about the layout of the forum. This is not because there is an impending revamp looming, I just want to see if anyone has any ideas about possible improvements because there will be a new Twitch section coming, possibly a section for clan gaming and maybe sometime a lil down the line a trophy section. PSU is in a time of growth so I just want to see what possible changes could be made to accommodate expansion as we develop more ways for people to engage the site. If you have any ideas for whole forum OR single sections, please use the format that was kindly posted by Mr Ixion.

    These are new sections that will probably be coming in the very near future:

    [PSU Community Gaming]

    [Twitch TV]
    --> PSU Live Streaming Schedule
    --> Community Streamers

    As these are all PSN related I think we could maybe we could take PSN section out of PlayStation Chat and make PlayStation Network a new section.

    ALSO! The somewhat absent Mr DeviousOne often talked about having a section for new members to make a thread to introduce themselves. He said that a lot of forums do this and after h said that; i kinda noticed he was right. Thoughts on this? Yay? Nay? Is the existing thread enough? Would you like to create an introduction thread to engage the community with if you were new?

    Anyway, feedback please!

    Quote Originally Posted by Ixion View Post
    Here is the current layout. For those who want to submit layout suggestions, you can use this as a template, and adjust it from there.


    [Forum Rules, Help, & Feedback]
    -->Infractions & Bans


    [PSU Media Content]
    -->PlayStation Community Question Of The Week
    -->PlayStation Unchained Podcast
    [PlayStation 4]
    [PlayStation 4 Games]
    [PlayStation 3]
    [PlayStation 3 Games]
    -->DUST 514
    -->GTA V
    -->Call of Duty
    -->FFXIV: AAR
    [PlayStation Vita]
    [PlayStation Network]
    [PlayStation Legacy]


    [Xbox Games]
    [Xbox One]
    [Xbox 360]


    [Other Gaming]
    -->PC Gaming


    -->Forum Games
    [Design Corner]
    -->Sig/Avy Requests
    [Community Reviews & Opinions]
    [PSU Buy, Sell, Trade]
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