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    PS3 Fan Question.

    Hello everyone,

    A few days ago I got a Red blinking light on my PS3, I took it apart since it has been 6-7 years to clean up all the dust. Since I was in there already re-applying thermal paste, I also took apart the fan and wanted to test it before placing everything back in place. I got a PC power supply took the 12V Molex connector Hooked up the Brown cable(12v) and the Black cable (Grnd). Turned on my power supply, and the PS3 fan spins, however it stops just after 2 seconds.

    Is that normal? or am I missing something.

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    In My experience the FAN acts differently after being disconnected or something. I fixed a YLOD death in my PS3 and immediately I noticed how quiet it was. Now I'm a couple YLOD fixes in and I don't even hear the fan, but after 5 minutes the PS3 shuts off. I'm not sure if that is b/c of overheating or what. Search for a PS3 fan test. It may not help you or not, and I've read varying things about it's safety. It definitely should not STOP though.

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    When the red flashing light comes on, it means your PS3 is overheating. If the fan stops after a few seconds it means the PS3 doesn't need to use it yet, or you have a blown fuse and you don't have enough power on the rig to make it work. However if you're getting a red light, you need to set down your game for a while. That means the PS3 processor has overclocked itself and is probably going over 100+ degrees.

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