I have to admit, XBO is pretty awesome!
This is a new video of the OS, showing how fast everything moves and some new things we haven't seen yet.


It really is an all in one living room experience.
I think MS should sell some mini XBO's that don't play games and do everything else for half the price.
That being said, I cant help but think that the power used to keep everything open all at once and to be able to quickly switch between apps isn't worth the power loss the XBO has to take in performance. I think the XBO should allow one thing to keep in the background instead of everything.
I mean it's a little ridiculous to think people are going to switch between all these things frequently enough to make it worth it.
Skype and the internet/you tube should be able to switch and snap to on the fly, but to go from a movie to a game to TV to an app and back is kind of a waste of resources IMO.
I just dont want all XBO's games to be 720p because of it. I mean Killer Instinct is only 720p, Killer Instinct a fighting game, C'mon MS!
Now that's my only real complaint, not having my games perform as well as they could because I'm able to switch to a basketball game while playing an XBO game.
I do really like on the other hand how the dashboard is laid out for you. Being able to save anything as a tile and keep them all organized in one place, able to see them all without switching menus is awesome! Then to your right you got everything else, marketplace, Movies, Music, etc.
I have'nt seen enough of the PS4's OS to say ones better the other, but it is looking like the XBO's my be better, because its all right there. Having the option to save any app or program on the left side and have them all tiled out in front of you to easily see, is amazing IMO.
I know Sony said you can customize the Home screen, but I have a feeling it wont be as strait forward and intuitive as XBO's.
I actually wish I was getting an XBO too. Of course the PS$ is my number 1 choice hands down, without question, but the XBO offers some cool features, it's just top bad that I cant stand MS and everyone that works for them.
They come off as slimy car salesman/corrupt politician trying to sell you on they're ways. They don't come off as gamer's, past Angry Birds, and Fruit Ninja. Not that J. Trenton does, but at least Jack acts like a person communicating with you instead of reading from a cue card.
Anyways, I'm so glad both consoles are going to be amazing, and am looking forward to the future of gaming. I just wish I could forget about MS blatantly lying to us and being such $#@!'s about communicating with us.