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    Xbox One won't play 3D Blu-rays -- for now

    The Xbox One is Microsoft's first game console to have a built-in Blu-ray player. But if you're among the small portion of the population who's interested in playing back 3D Blu-rays on their game consoles, you won't be able to do it on the Xbox One -- at least initially.

    A Microsoft rep told CNET that the Xbox One doesn't support playback of 3D Blu-rays, though the company hadn't ruled out adding the feature in the future.

    Microsoft has been giving press previews of the upcoming game console, which hits stores on November 22, and some additional details about the Xbox One have been trickling out. (Read our full preview of the Xbox One as a living-room device).

    Sony currently supports playback of both 3D games and 3D Blu-ray movies on the PS3. However, the 3D picture is a little less clear for the PS4.

    According to Sony's official online FAQ, the PS4 will support playback of 3D games, though none are available at launch. But the FAQ doesn't mention anything about the PS4 supporting playback of 3D movies. (With its November 15 release date quickly approaching, we'll know soon enough whether it does).

    It remains to be seen how much people care about 3D Blu-ray playback, but Microsoft doesn't appear to think it's an important enough feature to have available at launch. We'll see if that changes in the future.
    gets a little bit tiring reading about things that may or may not come later from MS.

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    They have much more to work on just to get the system working on day 1, rather than worrying about extra features. It'll come in an update.

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    I have (as described by an ophthalmologist 25 years ago) Monocular vision so its virtually impossible for me to see 3D.
    I say virtually because The only time I have seen 3D was watching a short movie at Alton towers 20 years ago. I went in thinking it was not going to to work but it did.
    Since then no other movie or video game has come close.

    SO I literally do not give a $#@!.
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