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    3 Days away, and the weather is looking grim

    I'm about to go to sleep. I have to wake up in just under 5 hours to go to work. On another thread i had posted that i looked through Targets sales flier about the buy 2 get 1 free sale, and i still stand firm, that there was nothing in that flier that stated anything about a sale. I was right. The Flier that i looked through said absolutely NOTHING about that sale. As it happens, it was not a sales flier for the new sale that started, that part of the paper had not yet been delivered. It was just a part of the daily papers that happened to have the current weeks Target flier in it. So Theres your clarification, those of you who asked for it.

    I work overnights, from 11PM to 8AM regularly. I have taken Wednesday night through Sunday night off from work. Not only because of the PS4 launch, but im also hoping to work on my car. Thursday night, at Midnight, i will be online to pick up my PS4. It is said that the temperature could drop to as low as 20 degrees. I do this, because its the first time i will be able to afford a console at launch (I dont consider the vita a console) and it's going to be very very interesting to get that perspective, as the last time i was at a midnight launch for anything, i was a store manager at Gamestop, and had never been to a midnight launch for anything unless i was running one.

    Also i like tacos with bacon on them.

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    It's supposed to be in the 20's Thursday night in Atlanta. I am not leaving my house until 11:45 pm I already paid for it in full.
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