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    So PSU this is how you want your mod stuff to run? (open latter)

    so i was reading a thread francis got a ps4 (unboxing) and i saw a post from a stuff member name three3-times

    and i saw this from him
    who is this fat $#@!? some youtube star?
    i thought to my self this guy's job is to keep the forum clean from bull$#@! like this but nah he joins the fun like everyone else. so i send a report out (that's goes out all members to the staff) then maybe someone with a brain will do something so i waited few hours later(posts got worse) then a SMC locks its

    then i get this pm from a person i an't going to name

    Morning DJ,

    Regarding my post asking who this fat $#@! is, seems to have caused quite a stir with you? I asked a question as i had no idea who the guy was. Maybe i could've worded it better, but your post below.......nah

    fat $#@!? how aboot $#@! you. you call self a staff member? ghost shouldn't let $#@!ers like you on the staff team

    Now, i think this quiet laughable as you have done nothing but try and undermine the staff and ghost since day 1 and frankly we have been quite lenient with you. Last time i checked, swearing isnt against the did i call a psu member an insult? Nope

    I have also copied and posted this PM to the other members of staff for transparency.

    Please refrain from speaking like that about me or any other members of staff again


    so psu you want a members of the staff talking like this to you or to anyone? this is how psu has come to ? the psu mod team will ban you for posting a gif but talk down on you/others

    To this 33x guy a insult is a insult, francis may or may not use this site but i bet other fat people do
    so go $#@! yourself and to anyone that backs him up

    you want to change ghost/psu clean this act up first
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    And your point is?

    Very Hypocritical from the guy who undermines the staff and Ghost every chance you get.

    My PM wasn't an insult to you, it was a warning to you for referring to me as $#@!er. Cos i asked who that guy was, you took it upon yourself to go off on some crusade?

    The thread got locked as it descended into anarchy, did you feel the need to make your balls grow against anyone else in that thread? No

    And i even fully admitted that i could've worded my initial post (that was meant light hearted) better, dont act like your some martyr or holier than holy!! I've seen much worse from you pal!

    Get whatever you feel the need to get off your chest pal

    Thanks to Final for the sick sig!

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    This is great. Members calling out the people who volunteer their time to help run this site.

    How could a volunteer disrespect a person who is privileged enough to use this site for free?

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    Really petty name calling and childish actions

    How sad
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    In the middle of the PM in the OP, 33x quoted -DJ- report text. It isn't clear because it isn't highlighted, but it needs to be pointed out.

    fat $#@!? how aboot $#@! you. you call self a staff member? ghost shouldn't let $#@!ers like you on the staff team
    This part of the PM is the message -DJ- sent to the staff when he reported 33x's post.

    So yeah, dude, no matter if your complaint was justified or not, ya pretty much $#@! all over it with how you handled the report.

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    fat $#@!? how aboot $#@! you. you call self a staff member? ghost shouldn't let $#@!ers like you on the staff team
    Instantly invalidates your complaint.

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    Just going to keep it real here. Nothing personal.

    First, using profanity isn't against the rules per se, but the type of usage can be.


    "$#@! that, I'm not buying that game." - That isn't against any rules.
    "$#@! you!" or "You are a piece of $#@!"- That is definitely against the rules.

    I would imagine it would be encouraged for staff to be held to a higher standard when posting, PM'ing, etc. I'm not saying it is a good thing or bad thing to allow them to contribute in the same manner in which the members are allowed to.
    It's just my preference that I would make sure that the people that represented PSU would be held to a higher standard than members.

    However, it isn't against the rules for someone, anyone, to say "Who is that fat $#@!" when addressing content and who is creating that content, and it isn't someone on these forums. If you don't like how someone posts, report the post and explain why you feel it is against the rules. If that report is against an SMC, it will go up the chain to at least a moderator to address. If it's against a moderator, then it goes up the chain another step and will be address by an Admin; and so forth.
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    Guys, am I not approachable enough? Have I not projected such an image? I have often said that people can PM me with issues or complaints and I will do what I can to address them. A lot of the PMs I do get sent with issues get posted in the mod forums for team discussion and feedback and this can lead to a positive resolution of the issue. This is how issues should and will be handled at PSU: privately and professionally.

    What doesn't lead to any positive resolution is COMPLETELY ignoring me as a CM and coming to air your laundry in the community without even giving me the chance to deal with the situation. These threads are usually little more than an attempt to rally public support to the poster's belief/cause and that achieves NOTHING.

    Now that this has been brought to my attention I will be resolving it. I'm going to close up the thread as well, and kindly ask that this measure is only used if I have continuously ignored your PMs on a given issue or if I have communicated with you in a manner unbecoming of a CM. I deserve the chance to resolve issues like that without the public drama. This is ugly and is not conducive to the what we are trying to accomplish at PSU.

    Anyone else who has something they wish to say on this matter is heartily invited to send me a PM.

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