As I wrote up some EverQuest Next news for the front page I began to ponder even, if EverQuest Next does come to the PS4, will there be enough MMO's with enough variety to make me want to make the plunge into them again ?

I mean I count 7 MMO's so far

Planetside 2 - delayed now though
DC Universe Online
Blacklight: Retribution
War Thunder
FF - Feb 2014 ?
Elder Scrolls - next year

( Please chime in if I missed any )

But I would love DDO, LOTRO. GW2, TSW, RIFT or even Pirates101 to make the PS4 plunge, especially if I could reactivate my PC accounts and carry on where I left off so many years ago ?

Will Blizzard or Turbine make the PS4 plunge I can only hope so