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We've reviewed PlayStation Vita-exclusive platformer Tearaway and came up rather impressed to say the least.

PlayStation Vita has needed that quintessential system seller pretty much since day-one, and with Media Molecule’s Tearaway, Sony’s flagging handheld has finally got its must-have title. Sure, Uncharted and Killzone: Mercenary are certainly worth buying a Vita for, but Tearaway takes things to a new level -- this is something you’re only going to experience on Vita, and has been tailor made from the ground up for the platform and its unique functionality.

Set in a gorgeous papercraft-inspired world known as Valleyfold, Tearaway’s narrative is simplistic yet charming all the same. The story focuses on Iota, a quirky little chap (hey, his head’s actually an envelope, don’t you know?) who embarks on a journey to deliver a message to the player. Or, thanks to its gender-friendly nature, you can plump for the female version, Atoi. What makes the story unique however is the fact that you actually have a starring role in the game yourself; as the ‘You,’ a giant face perennially gazing down up on the land from the sun. In fact, your actions will directly affect Iota’s world as he attempts to overcome all sorts of obstacles and adversity.
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As I said, this game is a must-have for any PS Vita owner. I didn't honestly know what to expect going in, and I have little experience with LittleBigPlanet, but I was very, very impressed. It's a brilliant game, charming, and most of all, unique. I've played a lot of games on PS Vita, but none of them have used the unique control functions as well as Tearaway.