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Thread: Ideas for GTA 6

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    Quote Originally Posted by jj03 View Post
    I will remain interested if they change teh $#@!in location to somewhere other than america...christ on a bike. Anywhere else will do...gta somalia any1?
    I think that a good idea, america is alright it fits the game but its getting boring i would love for GTA to come to England, cuz i know England has violence like america.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Venger View Post
    So if I had suggestions and requirements for GTA6.

    1) Branching storylines. Let me fail missions and have to scramble to find alternatives, provide the alternatives. Let me go off script, I should be able to kill anyone and have consequences for my choices. If I take out someone I'll need later, then I'll have to deal with that. There should be a back up story for each branch, even if it means more work. Hell, I'd almost be willing to make it one shot at a mission, short of death, no retries for most things.
    That's something I've thought of too. Have you tried mass effect, heavy rain, or beyond two souls? They have a similar premise.

    Okay so I've finished the map and also redesigned the box art. I've edited the words to be more pitch friendly and compiled it all into two documents (the map had to be separate). Now all that's left is to get in touch with someone!

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