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    Quote Originally Posted by Two4DaMoney View Post
    We're already seeing how things are starting off this gen. Yields are much better than previous gens. But you ignore that and told us in your previous post not to start counting too soon. The march fiscals aren't going to tell us which is the "go to console" if we're using your "too soon to know" logic. Unless one is just being blown out the water.
    Indeed, but then you are assuming there will be a "go to console".
    I'm not.
    If we're in the "wait and see/don't judge too soon" state of mind then 2015 is the year to see what the masses are deeming the "go to console". That's just my overall take on it.
    What the prize for being the go to console?
    What was it this gen, who got the prize?
    And trying to judge this gen based solely off last gen is sooooo wrong. This gen is very different. This gen is a mix of the last 3 for Sony and the last 2 for nintendo and MS. It's just so twisted. Sony has applied everything that made the previous 3 playstations a success and applied it the PS4. They've cut back all the fat(mistakes). Not so with the other 2 companies. Nintendo has totally missed their Wii casual market. WiiU sales are tracking like the gamecube and 3rd party is weak like the Wii's 3rd party support. MS clearly lost their vision. The xbone has the exclusive support like the earlier 360 years and applied Sony's early ps3 mistakes to it($#@!y pr/tools slacking/higher price).

    ^This is the short version of why I view current gen the way that I do. Do I think nintendo is screwed? Yes. Their market has left to tablets/handhelds. Do I think the xbone is screwed like the og xbox? No. They have better support and marketing than og xbox. Do I think it's going to sell less than the 360? Yes. They've either lost their advantages or had the playing field leveled. Kinect wasn't the reason the 360 held the sales lead over the ps3. I have no reason to think kinect 2 and operating systems will change the xbone's popularity. Do I think the ps4 will be a success like the ps2? No. Their market is being ate into by MS and they don't hold the year start advantage the ps2 held. Do I think it's going to sell better than the ps3? Yes. It's more popular than the ps3 ever was and hold advantages that the ps3 never had.
    And no one is saying you shouldn't have a theory/thoughts/opinion on what will happen.

    As for last gen, suggesting there is nothing to learn is folly.
    We know:

    -The market is extremely price sensitive.

    -Early adopters are not a general indication of the gen's selling power.
    (Hell if it were the PS3 was dead in the USa day 1).

    -Anything can happen with SKU's in the future.
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