Now that I have an Xbox one controller I can compare it with the PS4 controller and thought Ill let you all know what one I think is better. 1st off the PS4 controller fits in my hands perfectly all areas of my hand are snug with the controller. The Xbox controller is a bit different, when you hold it in your hands its wide at the bottom and goes uncomfortably narrow to the top of the controller and doesnt fit all areas of your hand snug. When you hold the PS4 controller its easy for your finger to switch from L2 and R2 triggers to the L1 and R1, for the xbox one triggers it takes way to much effort to switch from the Lt and Rt to the Lb and Rb. Its to hard to switch between the two. Your finger is on the edge of the Lb and Rb when you try to switch and thats where it stays. The Xbox Lt and Rt take to much effort to push down compared to the PS4 triggers as the PS4 have a smaller gap time when pushing down on them which means its a faster game play for the PS4 as it reacts to online shooters with ease instead of waiting that extra second compared to the xbox trigger. There`s also a big difference comparing the analog sticks the xbox controller has a concave stick that you thumb can slip on because it has a glossy finish in the middle of the stick compared to the PS4 stick which is better because its evenly centered and has more grip to it. The D pad on the xbox controller feels cheap and again the PS4 has a better solid build to it. So overall I think Microsoft to a step back with its controller this gen and the PS4 cant get any better and no im not a fan boy I purchased both consoles.