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You assume incorrectly. Didn't ask for your sympathy. In fact, I don't recall asking you for anything. Move on next time. I don't buy things for the sake of buying them. When I buy something I EXPECT it to work as advertised and do what it is marketed and advertised as doing. That's all. I don't think that's too much to ask. Also, I would think a multi-billion dollar corporation would be a little bit more prepared. My system did end up working and logging in to psn and other stuff. I'm actually pretty easy to please. You must be one of those " That's just how things are" types I mentioned earlier.
Yes, well, 2 things that might be outside of SONY's pervue to help:

1) the post from some dipshite in China who says he works at Foxconn and we sabatoged your PS4's, etc... it could be legit, because, frankly, PANASONIC stuff don't fail, and it's a Panasonic HDMI processor, ... usually I won't say nothing fails, but, it's a Panasonic chip, and, that company has a .0001 defect rate goal, so, it's not the chip. Probably the soldier and assembly job at Foxconn, so, i'd look for a 20 something to be executed by the state any day now for it.


2) complex new devices mas manufactured even on the modern assembly line have faulty units. You call SONY and say replace it and ask for some PSN credits for your trouble and see if they bite. It sucks but, hey, it happens.