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    What to do with my ps3?

    So a bit of background. I bolded parts for a TL;DR

    I babied my ps3 from the moment I got it. About every other day I'd wipe it down with a microfiber cloth and spray it down with compressed air. People ridiculed me for how much care I took of it. Unfortunately for most of its life I lived in a very dusty home in a very dusty area. After I moved it sat in my GF's room that harbors a lot of dust and dander where it wasn't cleaned as often.

    After I bought my GF her own slim, I noticed that my ps3 started having graphical errors after running for a few minutes, particularly with games running on UE3 though strangely not with ps2 games or movies. It would kick on full fans fairly easily and run very hot. So for fear of doing any more damage or getting YLOD I kind of retired it to it's carrying case and mainly used my GF's ps3.

    So the other day I helped my friend pick out his new ps3 (a 120GB slim) and noticed how quiet it was when we turned it on, which reminded me of how quiet mine used to be. I had kind of a moment of sadness. It was like after the lobotomy scene in One flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest....

    So I said screw it and opened up my ps3 to clean it. The horror...The UNHOLY amount of dust I found. Not just dust but straight dirt.Clumps of lint even! Disclaimer: the pics aren't for the faint of heart

    As I was cleaning it I kept finding more and more dust the deeper I went. So I eventually took it completely apart and decided I might as well replace the thermal paste while I'm at it, praying it might fix my problems. The GPU didn't seem to have any problems with it that were visible on the surface (I've seen blown graphics cards before) but I didn't take it off the mobo. I put it back together and here's what happened.

    Upon booting up, the fan makes the same grinding noise it's been making and sounds like it's going to full blast but then goes SILENT. Unfortunately it still finds the need to go to full blast fairly quickly. It seems like it is the same level of noise but I can't be certain because I didn't have a way of testing it before or after.
    However I did notice that it generated significantly less heat Which I'm not sure if that means that it's running cooler or it's not pushing the hot air OUT because I screwed something up when reassembling it. I played a couple of UE3 games and it didn't seem to have any graphical problems but I didn't want to push it.

    So I made this thread for two reasons:
    1. To encourage you guys to TAKE APART your systems to clean them. Not just spray the vents.
    2. To ask what to do next.

    I've read that I can buy the 40GB power supply which uses less power and generates less heat. I also came across Endless Electronics and thought that they might be able to help with a deep cleaning and maybe doing some mods. I've been putting off buying it partially of fear of wasting money (I'm not sure it would help my problems) or damaging my system but probably because I don't want to admit its death

    At the same time, I know that my system is worth a good bit of money and I know you'll probably think I'm crazy but I'm thinking of maybe selling it and putting it towards buying an engagement ring. I can move my 500gb hdd into the other ps3 and I just bought a ps4 but I don't have any other method of playing ps2 games.

    So what should I do?
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    Buy a PS2 off E-Bay? They are really cheap these days.

    If PS2 games are holding you off, get one! Sure the memory cards suck but you can always buy an adapter and transfer your saves from the PS3 HDD.

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