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Thread: Fifa is Broken

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    Fifa is Broken

    Hey Guys

    First of all I just want to say sorry for the rant that will happen in a moment. I do want you to know i love EA and i love the Fifa franchise but having played the next gen version since release my blood is boiling... Where do i start?

    Through Balls/ Lofted Passes
    These are killing the game. As much as i like switching the ball from one side to the other, if feel that its been taking beyond realism. Every through ball I or An online player plays splits the defense so easy, which leads to having a player one vs one with the GK. THIS HAPPENS EVERY GAME. As a player who has played at a really high level know that defenders can think 1 or two plays ahead of the game. If you see a player splitting the defense you either play the offside trap or go with the striker not just stand still and watch him run by you. This happens way to much, Even when changing to control the defender you want to move, it takes a split second for the player to even start running in the direction you want too go in, and everyone know a split second is a lot of time in soccer. This need to be balanced out/ the AI need to be aware of the through ball. And back of this people you just teams with really fast player so exploit this even more

    Online MatchMaking
    As a online player i like to play with average team3 /13 star most of the time because i feel 5 star teams just make it to easy. But the matchmaking on this fifa is terrible. For the past week i have been trying to find games but constantly Fifa put my 3 1/2 start team with a 5 star team. Whats that all about. The matchmaking system need to be address

    Like i have stated above, Defenders have to think one step a head of the game. However in this Fifa, defenders seem to me like the have not got a clue where they are in relation to the football pitch. I many cases the AI defender is running with a player to cover him, if i change that defender while holding the same direction he is already running in should he just carry on running in that direction? The answer should be YES.. Wait no the defender slows down then sprints again. This really annoys me. Why does this happen, just keep running in the direction I'm telling you to do instead of thinking WTF is happening.

    There are a few other things that * me off but these two are the worst. EA you need to go back and play your game and look into fixing these problems. They are ruining the game too many through balls leading to one vs one and defenders just acting dumb.

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    Most of these issues would be alleviated if there was a manual filter for online matches. People have been begging EA for years, but to no avail. Unfortunately EA has to cater to the lowest common denominator, so that's completely out of the question. Most of their focus is on Ultimate Team anyway because that's what makes them the most money. It would also fragment the user base if there were both an assisted and manual filter, not to mention people have differing philosophies when it comes to the controls. A lot of people feel that passing and shooting should be dictated by stats and not actual user (stats still play a role even on manual) input which I agree with, but only to a certain extent. Fully assisted is far too automated to make for a compelling match and what inevitably happens is what you mentioned above. Assisted controls and pace abuse has plagued FIFA for years. Aim in the general vicinity of your teammate, hit LB + Y and you've just pinged an inch perfect pass over the defender's shoulder from 40 yards out. Same thing applies to everything else. I'll take full manual over assisted any day.

    I never was a big fan of head to head, but I played in a fairly competitive club from 2008-2013. We were ranked 27th in the world at one point and this was when most of the top teams were using the menu exploit to freeze matches. But I digress. My point is that I've become a bit disenchanted with the competitive scene due to the aforementioned issues. I occasionally have a go at the Drop In, Drop Out club matches in 14 and it's littered with complete scum (what's new). 20-something-year-olds who can barely speak English, but go on about how $#@!ing "sick" they are at FIFA. Your team mate hit an LB + Y for your extremely pacey forward to run onto while he finishes it off with an assisted finesse shot. Bravo, you're so good. My interest will be be rekindled if and when EA implements a control filter. Here's hoping.
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