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    Bizarre PSN/SEN Security Reset Stuff

    There's something going on with the login disable and notification system for security-based password resets for the SEN and the PSN but at this time I think it's glitch in the login disable and notification systems -- the response systems -- and not an actual reset. Some guy reports in the PS4 forums an account he maintains wouldn't login and he went through the change password routine but it let him set the new password same as the old password. That's not a security reset; it wouldn't allow the old password. And I got an email from SEN stating my password had been reset and I would have to change it with the forgot password system next time I logged in, but I can login fine on both PSN and SEN via all methods.

    So go figure. Maybe Sony will send out "oops, sorry" emails, or issue some sort of statement about why we're seeing this oddball account behavior. But right now I don't think it indicates a security breach or, as Sony calls it, "suspicious activity" on any of the accounts that are getting notified or login disabled. For all I know, had I tried to login earlier at the time people were reporting disabled logins, I would have got the same password reset notification. But they fixed the problem, though the notification emails were already queued to send and nobody at Sony stopped them from going out.

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    I just reset my password just to be safe

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