Lets start with a disclaimer.

This is not a one is better thread and this is all just theory.

the point of this is to spawn a fun conversation.

If you are a older gamer you remember the launch of the xbox 360. It launched almost at a random time and was the first next gen console out. At the time the ps2 was in it's prime and the original xbox "halo box" was doing decent. It's widely thought that microsoft rushed the launch of the console so they could get the lead in sales, it seems to of been a solid plan as the ps3 took awhile to catch up from the year and a half head start. The problem the xbox faced right from launch till nearly the end of it's life was faulty hardware. launch consoles were burning up and melting and most had to be recalled. Soon after that we started seeing the red ring of death that plagued most of the consoles. Several revisions to the console were made to aid the overheating problems, stronger fans, larger cooling, motherboard changes, and finally a total redesign (360 slim) that seamed to finally fix the issue.

With all of that said, does it seem like sony released the ps4 early to prompt ms to do the same in hopes they would have yet another generation of hardware woes? The already failing xbox1's seem to possibly be a tell tale sign.