, i cannot believe that i didn't get this before. i don't know if any of you know this but i created a thread a while back where i explained that cleaning up my HDD fixed my freezing issues (with texture pop-ins etc). Now I'm thinking that's not what fixed my PS3 at all, it's likely my stupid trophy system!

Why? Because my shit was glitching up again and it made me mad because i thought i finally had it, i finally figured out why freezes, slow-downs of XMB and glitched up shit happened on my PS3. well, nothing i had figured out, worked this time.

so i thought, ok, i'll just reformat again and start all over again, even though no reason why i'd have to do it again since i had just done it a month ago.

i rebuilt the database and restored the file system, which is what i thought what fixed it last time. but turns out it was the stupid trophies that i had not uploaded yet.

How can I be certain?

Here's how: It asked me to upload my trophies before i backed up my system because trophies are not saved (likely for security purposes). so that's exactly what i did. took me 30 mins...30 upload that shit.

afterwards, i booted up GTA5, perfect, no problems. Then i gave it a thought and realized that last time i had uploaded my trophies before i backed up my data so that's what had fixed it but i had done the restore of file system and database as well and figured that's what it was.

i also think this happens when you try to upload the trophies and like any normal person, gave up at 5% because it was stuck there for more than a minute, i just don't care to upload the trophies if it's going to take that long. so i'll be sure to upload right away next time because it seems like this is definitely a glitch.

recap: both times, exact problems occurred.

scenario 1
1) backed up system.
2) uploaded trophy system.
2) formatted HDD (full zeroes).
3) rebuilt database.
4) restored file system.
5) profit!?

scenario 2
1) rebuilt database
2) restored file system
did not fix.
3) tried to back up data to do a format but instead uploaded trophies first.
4) profit!

so indeed lack of uploading trophies (also likely that you had tried to upload it and did not finish) are the problem.