Ok so I've loved pretty much every NFS, I love the cheesey arcade racing feeling they have. But Most Wanted last year was fun for about a day for me, and one of my major gripes with it was the lack of progression. There just didn't seem any point in completing more races (IMO). I want a racing game for the PS4 and obviously this is the only option currently but I don't want to buy it at the price it is and play it only for a few days.

There doesn't seem to actually be any progression in this game, or am I wrong? It doesn't even seem to have a list of 'bosses' to beat. Just gain more points.. unlock more cars.. and to me that isn't enough to want me to progress.

Am I wrong? Is there actual careers for racers and cops? (Like Hot Pursuit) Should I disregard last years mediocre game?

Appreciate any advice