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    PS4 Availability post Launch (worldwide discussion welcome).

    Mods: Please sticky this in the PS4 section .

    So, do you see PS4's available in your area?
    Have you found of a way to get one ?

    Let us know!
    Please list your Country and then where you know of how to acquire a system.

    To kick off.

    Here in the USA Maryland, Baltimore area, I acquired one from the store I used to live around the corner from through the following method:
    On the Sunday after XBOX One launched -
    I walked into Best Buy:
    Asked customer service agent:
    CSAgent checked with Manager if they were releasing reserve holds not picked up.
    Answer was yes.
    I was rung up AND ofcourse 'worked with' to get add ons and a warrantee, which I got a game, a season pass for Killzone for myself, etc>

    IMMEDIATELY after this...
    My buddy Gabriel walks in with his wife and he looks sad. I've not seen him in a few years so, I hug him since he usually gets territorial if I hug her, lol.
    He's got video of a blue light of death on his iPhone... i was like 'dude, here's what I read and i'm thinking it might have been true' and I told him about the kid at Foxconn posting that they'd sabotaged HDMI ports on systems... and coincidentally we are all having problems getting a picture! Basically, from what I hear, if it displays a screen, your good!

    The store immediately plugs his system in, it's dead. They grab a new one, open it, plug it in, boot it up, show it working, he works the controls for a few minutes, gets happy, they pack it up and send him on his merry way.

    So, they might be keeping some for this 'issue' we've seen is more fact than fiction (I'm wondering if there's some kid hanging from a Pike in china right now, but, i'm no world leader and can't help him if so).
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