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    Profiles - Sub-Accounts - PS+ - 2 consoles - very confused dad needs help


    I'm trying to prepare (ie. configure, initialize, etc.) two PS4 consoles for my sons for Christmas day. I've read FAQs and exercised my Google-Fu, but haven't been able to find an answer to my question: How to configure PS+ account(s) across two consoles so that everyone can access downloaded games and play (multi-player head-to-head) online (is couch co-op dead???).

    What I've got:

    (2) PS4 consoles
    (2) PS+ subscription cards
    (3) Profiles/accounts that need to be set up on each PS4 console (myself/master and 2 sons/sub-accounts)

    From what I've read, If I create a PS+ account and designate box#1 as the primary, then my kids can't access anything on box#2 from their own accounts. Is this correct? I'm still a bit confused by the difference (if any) between profiles (16 per console?) and "sub-accounts" (to the PS+ account?).

    Do I need to create two PS+ accounts one for each console? If so, can my sons have a single account linked to each PS+ account?

    I hope that made sense. Any help very much appreciated.

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    The problem you are going to run into is the system that is not set as your primary console the sub-accounts will not be able to access your digital purchases on that console, if they want to play on the non-primary console you will either have to 1) Login to that console with your login and let them play on your account or 2) Setup one of your sons as a normal account and make it the primary for the 2nd console and purchase a 2nd copy of the game for that console. As for the PS+ subscriptions, since there will only be one main account, you only need one subscription unless you go with option #2 which you will then need both subscriptions! Hope this helps!

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    Yep. Basically you'll need to accounts for the master accounts, and two PS+ accounts. I know it sounds like a $#@!, but that's how I roll with online accounts when I have multiple devices for the family. If I can find another PS4, I'd be happy to do some trial and error for ya.

    As far as each son using their account on each of the PS4's...

    From what it says in the manual:

    • Anyone who uses your primary PS4™ system can enjoy applications you purchase from PlayStation®Store.
    • Anyone who uses your primary PS4™ system can enjoy numerous benefits if you subscribe to PlayStation®Plus.
    Also, if your son normally uses PS4(1), then all he'll have to do is go to PSN > Sign in to PSN > and follow the prompts on PS(2), and vice versa.

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    Set YOUR user as primary on THEIR console, so their accounts will work online.
    You machine will be a secondary, but because you'll be signed in all the time you will also be able to play online. But, no one else will be able to on this account.

    So if they want to play on both machines separately then you'll need 2 ps+ accounts.

    Can I ask why you're making sub accounts anyway? You should make them both master accounts as when they get older they'll probably want to keep using their username without the hassle a lot of people are going through this gen.

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    *Sigh* just like the PS2 days..


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    I guess phone to Sony on how to do it the easier way, maybe try a few times if the things are well explained or the guy isn't patient enough

    what I know for sure is you need only one PS+ account for both consoles to access multiplayer online, I guess you register it first when you start the console, then the secondary accounts after that when they want to play but as the primary account is registered on the console they'll be able to play online
    As for games purchased with different accounts it's much more complicated and as I said before ask a Sony guy how it will work
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    This topic always ties my brain into a knot when reading it in text. But here's what me & my cousin did to be able to get each others stuff:

    Each of us already having PS+ and our own PS4's , we exchanged login credentials > Then we each logged into our own PS4's via the others login credentials > Made the others account PRIMARY on our consoles > Now when either of us wants something the other has we simply login to others account , initiate download > Switch back to our account & voila it's right there in the d/l list & ready to play upon installation w/ no problems.

    Could be the absolute wrong way to do it......but it's worked so far for us. As I know have NFS Rivals (which he bought) , & he has all of the AC IV dlc ( which I bought) . Not sure if this helps , but I hope it does.

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