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    Famitsu with Yoshi and all the great stuff coming

    - Primal Extreme mode loot and Crystal Tower loot will have a 1 week lockout. You have to beat all three EM Primals to loot one item.
    - Dungeon EXP increased by 150% from base EXP. On top of that you can put random roulette bonus + rest bonus. About 3x more than now.
    - Treasure Hunt - When you try to open chest there is a trap spawning mobs. Can be soloed, however Grade 5 should have PT to win fight.
    - Treasure Hunt - Gatherer finds map, but only battle class can open since it spawns mobs.
    - Beastmen daily quest - In patch 2.1 will have quest for 2 beastmen tribes, in future will have episodes for all tribes.
    - YoshiP mentions they are going to have FFXIV up on Steam
    - Patch 2.2 will have about 1.5 times more than 2.1's amount of story
    - YoshiP explains in future HM and EM primal battles coming and gives example for 2.2 will have HM/EM Leviathan.
    - PvP will have rank - At 2.1 you can rank up to 30.
    - YoshiP mentions every patch will have 2 HM dungeons and 1 completely new dungeon. Post expansion will have harder dungeon than BC.
    - YoshiP mentions the cost for housing is still not decided, they are still looking at the economy to decide carefully.
    - Once you place a furniture in your house, you can't sell them on market. (im hoping a preview system will be in place too)
    - Primal EM - Aside from ilvl90 weapon reward, Primals drop chest which has high level accessories. (!!)
    - Moggle Mog battle difficulty is in between Garuda HM and Titan HM. If you can beat Garuda but can't beat Titan, this is for you.
    - New dungeon Sirius will be the current hardest 4 player dungeon.

    FFXIV on steam hells yes. I am even more excited now for my steam box.

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    i wonder how they will incorporate all the extra quests. I am assuming they are not for all lvl 50.
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