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    Quote Originally Posted by JDizzleNO1 View Post
    warframe is amazing, im so addicted to it, the stuff to get weapons is a bit pricey though
    It can be pricey if someone doesn't want to wait 12 hrs or 3 days to complete building of a weapon or warframe. It is challenging to get awesome gear by grinding for it rather than paying plate but it does make you want to play the game even more.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Varsh View Post
    Planetside 2 does play slightly differently but back then Planetside 1 was simply amazing.

    The largest battle I was a part of involved more than 1200 people around a single base. It was a key position on the map and there were about 40 cloaking tanks hiding a shed load of tanks, troops, troop carriers, planes, bombers and more. We all set a time for when we thought the best opportunity was to take the base and all cloaking tanks removed their device and all around the base everyone moved into to the centre. All you could then see were hundreds of the other faction on top of the walls and such trying to fight back - the entire battle lasted for over 3 hours!!! Massive lag fest back then on a 56k modem but goodness me was it a moment I'll never forget and goes down as my favourite gaming moment in history, absolutely epic.

    Planetside 2 hasn't quite got that massive feel to it yet as the game doesn't want to work properly on my rig for some reason but when the PS4 version releases I am most definitely going to spend a lot of time on it.
    Seems to work much better for me since I got an Intel CPU, with my Pjhenom 2 even with it clocked to 3,7Ghz I had to turn all settings to low to get a decent 60FPS frame rate. But now with this i5 I can max it out at what seems 60FPS or there abouts. Not tried measuring it it but it doesn't look choppy like it did on my other system when on ultra.

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    I don't have a problem with the gameplay, but what I get (Which makes it unplayable) is the GUI, any part of the GUI that uses 3D models or text just either warps or flickers with random textures. Works fine on a couple other machines in the house except for mine, and there's no way I'm playing it on those machines. I want to take advantage of triple screens!

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