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    Got 100% story completion on Batman: Arkham Knight, which translates to maybe 80% of the trophies. Haven't completed or unlocked all the VR missions yet. Some very frustrating riddles out there, but nothing that drove me up the wall as badly as some of the Arkham City ones. The DLC is kinda lame to be honest, the Harley Quinn mission is hidden under the title "Arkham Episodes" on the main menu, but it takes like 5-10 minutes to beat and it's fairly hard not to get 100% of the trophies. The Scarecrow missions end up being a series of batmobile VR races/tank battles and they won't give you full stars on the first stage unless you can beat it in under 4 minutes, which I can't seem to do even with an almost completely maxed out batmobile.

    The stuff in the season's pass better be a whole hell of a lot better though if they want anyone to pay $40 bucks for it.

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